Wednesday, April 14, 2010


As promised here's a selection of pictures for Tom Baker's first outing... "Robot"
The 4th Doctor and the Season 12 TARDIS crew (including the Brigadier).

And of course they can't do anything without transport....

The star of  the show of course is Professor Kettlewell and his K1 Robot pictured below with the Think Tank bunker.

Season 12 continues with the Doctor, Harry and Sarah-Jane leaving UNIT behing and travelling in the TARDIS.  Below is my TARDIS interior; the console room is built from foam-card whilst the roundels were cut from an old perspex cutting board.  The console base is from Harlequin Miniatures and the time-rotor is part of a pen casing with plastic rods sealed inside.

Coming next... the first of my Dalek posts

Until next time....
The Doctor: There's no point being grown-up if you can't be childish sometimes.

New Doctor.... New site

Hello and welcome, to the first posting of my new site related to the wonderful world of 28 mm Doctor Who.  Some of you out there may remember my previous googlesite...

Well, the new series and the new Doctor have prompted me to regenerate as well....

So here's the first posting.  I hope this site will focus on better quality pictures with additional emphasis on conversions and dioramas.

To get things started I thought I'd start with the "next generation" Doctors, 9 through 11 and of course the ever-faithful TARDIS.   The Doctors are all Heresey Miniature models whilst the TARDIS is from Black Tree Design.

Coming next... It's back to Tom Baker's first story "Robot"

Amy Pond:  Have you ever run away from something because you were scared, or not ready, or just... just because you could?
The Doctor: Once... a long time ago.
Amy Pond:   What happened?
The Doctor:   Hello!