Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Introducing Melody Brook...

Here are my first attempts at Green Stuff miniatures...

Firstly; Melody Brook; adventurer and space-traveller.  Here she is wearing a basic sheep-skin and armed with a holstered weapon.  Could be from any time zone; present or future.  Hello Sweetie!

From a practical point of view she's a little on the large side when compared to other miniatures...  something I'll correct for future sculpts (astronaut, combat fatigues and evening gown variants to follow...)

Secondly; The Cloaked Emissary.  A cowled and faceless figure with a heavy chain around its neck.  It could easily be used to represent an Alien Ambassador / Emissary or even a faceless cult member.

The scale is much better on this one as seen in comparison to the 10th Doctor

Next step is to mold from these and I'm going to try to make resin casts.


  1. what are you using for an armature?
    have you tried Hasslefree's female heads
    very handy bits, I've used loads

  2. So far it's all total scratch build. The armatures are built from thin-gauge flower wire and everything's built up from there. The basic frame was simply way to big on the Melody model. I'll have another go at her soon. Thanks for the tip on Hasslefree though.